IJCNN/WCCI 2016 Special Session on Privacy-preserving in Data Mining and Applications

Over the past two decades, digital information collected by corporations, organizations and governments has resulted in huge number of datasets, and the speed of such data collection has increased dramatically over the last a few years. A data collector, also known as a curator, is in charge of releasing and publishing data for data mining and some applications. However, most of the collected datasets are personally related and contain private or sensitive information. Even though curators can apply several simple anonymization techniques, there is still a high probability that the sensitive information of individuals has a high probability to be disclosed. Privacy-preserving has therefore become an urgent issue that needs to be addressed.

Research communities have proposed various methods to preserve privacy and have designed a number of metrics to evaluate the privacy level of these methods. The interest in this area is very high and the notion is spanning in a range of research areas, ranging from the privacy community, to the data science communities including machine learning, data mining, statistics and learning theory. Much work has been conducted in a number of application domains, including social network, online education, recommender systems and tourism. A significant number of new technologies and applications have appeared in the privacy-preserving research area. We believe that it is a good time to cover these topics in the special session, which will include recent advances and applications in the privacy preserving research in data mining and diverse applications.

To further contribute to the understanding of Privacy-preserving in Data Mining and Applications, we invite original articles in relevant topics, which include but are not limited to:

  • Privacy-preserving in applications and services
  • Privacy-preserving in Big Data
  • Privacy-preserving data analysis
  • Privacy-preserving in database systems
  • Privacy-preserving in cloud/mobile/wireless communications
  • Privacy-preserving in E-learning and e-government
  • Miscellaneous privacy issues

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts submitted to special sessions should be done through the paper submission website of IEEE WCCI 2016. Please make sure that papers submitted to their special session clearly indicate the name of the special session the paper belongs to. All papers submitted to special sessions will be subject to the same peer-review procedure as the regular papers.


Dr. Tianqing Zhu
School of Information Technology
Deakin University, Melbourne Campus at Burwood
VIC 3125, Australia

Dr. Gang Li
School of Information Technology
Deakin University, Melbourne Campus at Burwood
VIC 3125, Australia

A/Prof. Ping Xiong
School of Information and Security Engineering
Zhongnan University of Economic and Law, China

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